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   Randolph W. Andell has recently joined the Law Offices of Benton, Orr, Duval and Buckingham He continues to represent clients in litigation and transactional matters, along with providing consulting services in a variety of areas. Initial consultations are available at no cost for the first half hour. The objective is to help our clients achieve their goals by providing superior legal representation and service. We listen first and then provide counseling and advice. Call us when your future depends on the highest standards in legal representation. There are two locations to serve you conveniently located in the cities of Santa Barbara and Ventura. The firms areas of focus are Estate Planning, Real Property Law including Landlord-Tenant, Construction Law, Business Law, and Personal Injury. Mr. Andell is also a Certified member of the National Association of Consumer Arbitrators.For more information visit



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100 West Arrellaga Street
Santa Barbara Ca 93101
Telephone (805) 648-5111
Fax (805) 648-7218


Benton, Orr, Duval and Buckingham 39 North California Street 
Ventura Ca 93001
Telephone (805) 648-5111
Fax (805) 648-7218

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